Palm Tree 2 Palm Tree: Thee Artistication

It was around this time last week that I was settling in from the beautiful whirlwind of events that was "Palm Tree 2 Palm Tree: The Artistication". What's an artistication, you may ask? A 4 day get-a-way for local artists/creatives from Palm Beach County to network, perform, and experience a different culture in Los Angeles, California. Before I elaborate on my trip any further, I must wholeheartedly give a big shout out to Billy Chung & Empress Prestige for not only coming up with such a brilliant idea but for also putting it together and MAKING. IT. HAPPEN. I'm sure there were some hiccups and obstacles but you ladies didn't let it show and it came together magnificently.

So let's start with the house, shall we? Breath. Taking. As I entered the house with the creatives whom were to be my roommates for the duration of my stay in Bel-Air, the moment seemed comparable to the scenes I've watched a dozen times on MTV's "The Real World" or Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club". We walked in and could not believe our eyes. Like....HUN-EEEEEEY where do I start??? First off, ceiling to floor glass windows that provided us with a majestic view of L.A. And yes, I do dare to be extra in the use of the adjective "majestic" because if it wasn't confirmed that we were all kings and queens to begin with?! BABY it was confirmed with that view. Moving on. How about the gorgeous modern-style kitchen that Victoria, Deidra, Robin, Billy Chung and a few others threw down in? Marble countertops accompanied with stainless steel everything! Each bedroom had it's own charm, style, and unique quality. I loved it! I can't even begin to forget the grand piano in the living room (as artists we all played a  song or two at least once...just couldn't help it) or the tennis court adjacent to the sparkling pool that just so happened to be placed perfectly enough to give us ANOTHER grand view of L.A.! I was feeling so blessed, to say the least and was definitely on cloud 9  as Frank Ocean's "Sweet Life" just started to play in my head repeatedly. It was all so surreal.

Our hosts provided us with food and kept the good times rolling because it didn't take but a couple of hours from settling in for the "gardener" to come knocking on our door with more than enough edibles & pre-rolled joints to last us longer than a week in Cali. Unfortunately we were only there for four days but trust me I made good use of the time as the true stoner I am. Many blessings and thanks to our sponsor @thesalamanderxpog that his Instagram handle. Do yourself a favor. Follow him. He hooked us up like no other. 

While my stay in Cali was amazing, looking back, I feel as though I could have done much more to take advantage of my surroundings and provide content. I was getting down on myself a bit but I turned that feeling into a positive which is good news for me and for you. I will be blogging much more often now and grabbing the camera to vlog as well. Visit this site frequently to stay updated on everything Cleo J'adore! Even though I was disappointed that I didn't take more pictures or document more of my stay in California, I'm still thankful for the experience and thankful that I gave my best for my performance. My voice wasn't up to par as I would have liked but Godmother Cleo still killed it =) I sang "Tina Turner", "When I'm Around" (if you haven't heard these songs yet please scroll down the home page of this site and you can listen from soundcloud) and a new song I haven't released yet titled " Long Live The Queen". The aforementioned song is a part of and also the title of a music project I have in the works. I've been working to get this project out as soon as possible & there is no specific set date but no worries, it's coming.

Kudos to all the creatives who participated in this trip you were all  so special and I was honored to share a space with you!!! 

Photo Credits: T-20 Vision Photography & Empress Prestige