Did I Quit or Did I quit?

That's it! I'm done! I'm quitting my job!....

Um...why did  I just feel the biggest eye roll coming from the people who know me best? Lol. What? Don't judge me...hmph. I have had so many jobs. Quit some here, fired by a couple there...eh what are you gonna do right? I mean honestly, when it boils down to it, each experience that I've had of quitting/getting fired from a job was a form of (what a dear friend referred to as) LIBERATION. My spirit knows it's purpose, therefore I have never and will never be comfortable in any career unless it's got to do with me rocking crowds with clever lyrics and a powerful voice. Liberation of the mind, however, is a whole other ball game in comparison to liberation of the physical sense. It was around 4:30 am last night, (the end of my graveyard shift as a nurse at a rehab facility) that I reached my mental liberation-driven decision to QUIT. When you have dreams that are bigger than the CEO's business plan of the company you work for well then, honey,...why waste your time??? And no...I didn't make an obnoxious phone call to my supervisor telling her I quit or make a scene on my way out (hmmm...although maybe I should have in true Cleo J'adore-esque fashion )or anything of that sort. In fact, I will be there for my next shift ready to rack some paper because there has been a switch in my PERSPECTIVE. I am no longer invested as an employee slaving away at her job to make ends meet. I am a businesswoman putting on her worker bee hat and gaining much needed experience for the journey to her destiny. I spiritually clocked out last night and I am not ever clocking in again. The job is a stepping stone, a tool meant to be utilized for my own benefit. There seems to be some delusional misconception of the dynamic between boss and employee. Society will have a person believing that they are forever indebted to any company that hires them. Yeaaaaah, I think not. My supervisors aren't doing me a favor by employing me. There's a balance really, an exchange, if you will. I am doing them a favor by enduring and their doing me a favor by paying me for my time, skills, and knowledge.. As soon as one of us doesn't get what we want, it's SAYONARA! #MutualDisposability

The point of this blog post is to highlight perspective along with definite decision (shout out to Napoleon Hill). Which one has more of an impact towards me making my dreams  a reality? Quitting physically only to find myself still a slave mentally to the dynamic corporate america has conditioned us to accept  and believe that a job is a necessity? "Oh whoa is me how will I ever go on?" FOH! Or deliberately switching and maintaining perspective that I am indeed my own boss,  I do have my own business, and I am worth way more than those scraps, they call a bi-weekly check, that trickle down from the table bestowed with a feast from my HARD labor.  Don't get me wrong, may God bless all the truly good hearted and strong-willed nurses. I am just not one of those nurses, it has never truly been for me. I can recall my instructor in nursing school going around the classroom asking each student why do you want to be a nurse. When his eyes landed on me with an inquisitive expression on his face prompting for a response. I replied "Money. I need money to help my family and money to fund my music career." He said "You won't last a year" I didn't argue because that was what I was hoping...one year to stack my paper. Get in, get out. It's been 3 years. It's time to get the fuck out...starting with my mind. Time to put more effort into my business, into my branding, the only boss I don't want to let down and will forever feel indebted to is ME. Diva out.