A List of Everything I Need...:

Me. I am everything I need. That's it! The highs and lows of pursuing your dreams can be quite the doozy. It's too often that I forget what I'm in it for, comparing my journey to others, and just overthinking it all! Us dreamers tend to, well you know, DREAM! We dream so much that our imagination takes off on us and next thing you know, what reality is and what our imagination has created our vision to be is quite the feat to take on. Is it impossible? NO. Is it hard to accomplish? Yes! There is so much to give and being ready to give takes a toll mentally and physically speaking. The battle of balancing life and and my career when it's just little ol' me is a battle I'm still partaking in but I must say I'm starting to change my perspective. It's not a "battle" so much as it is "battle training". I have been "training" for what life has in store for me. I would tell myself I need to acquire or do this and that in order to make it to the next level but all I ever needed was me. I need to show up for myself. It's something that I always knew but in a weird way I also didn't know or have full comprehension of the fact. Having faith in oneself can be a bit tricky but in the expectation of being successful in ANYTHING one must show up for him/herself. The universe will fall into place accordingly. Being swept up in the rapture of dream chasing and "keeping up" has gotten in the way of the actual dream and this diva? can't have that. NOPE! Pursuing your dreams with the mind of dreamer isn't wise! Dream when it's time to dream then transmute those dreams into goals and attack those goals with the mind of a vicious business BEAST. I have no need to look left, right, up or down because I have me. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go record my music. Love y'all. Cleo J'adore OUT!


P.S. Have Fun while being a beast lol I wasn't doing that...I hope you are or you start to after reading this 😘